Joyner Lucas turned heads recently with his video for "I'm Not Racist," a song that somewhat controversially calls for reconciliation between MAGA hat-wearing racists and the young black men they stereotype.

To follow that up, Lucas has gone in a much more aggressive direction: throwing shots at Lil Pump on his own song.

On Monday, Lucas released a remix of Pump's hit "Gucci Gang." In it, he takes swings at a generation of rappers who glorify drug abuse. "What's a little pump to a rocket flame?" he asks. "Turn your pink dreads into pocket change/All you new rappers don't be talking about shit except doing drugs/Wonder how you got a name."

The track finds Lucas flexing a double-time flow, and sees him addressing his deal with Atlantic Records. "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco/I ain't Spanish, but I know the lingo," he raps. "Atlantic told me that my flow 100, but my album ain't coming unless I got a fuckin' single."

While you wait for that fuckin' single, you can listen to Lucas' "Gucci Gang" remix above.