Experimental pop duo FKL (south London-born Joe Gillick and Seattle-born Sage Redman) first started making music together after meeting in Goldsmiths University in 2014. They first called themselves Funktionlust before taking a couple of years out from music. After taking a brief hiatus from music, they reunited as the abbreviated FKL and relocated to Seattle to take inspiration from the city's famously relentless rain. 

Today, they're sharing their brand new tune "1-800", a dark and chilly piece of club music with a bouncy 4x4 beat to counter the bittersweet vocals from Redman. With the twinkling melody in the background and the edge of sadness in the vocalsthe effect of Seattle's constant rainy days is plain to hear.

The new track comes from Out Of Tune, their 10-track debut album as FKL, which is out today.