M for Montreal isn't the biggest festival on the circuit by any means, and especially in comparison to its city's famous Jazz Fest or Osheaga, but it's a favourite among music fans and industry folks alike for its eclectic programming and thoughtfully-planned, multi-venue experience. The 2017 installment didn't disappoint, with four days of fantastic performances from some of Canada's best talent alongside international acts in a bevy of interesting venues—including a casino and a strip club. 

M's Programming Director Mikey Rishwain has built a reputation as not only an amazing curator but as the face of the festival in many ways. He somehow manages to be everywhere at once, popping up at the majority of the shows and even leading delegates on his infamous M for Mikey tour, where he shows off his favourite sights and sounds of the city. It's just an example of how M takes hospitality to a new level, and makes enjoying the city and meeting new friends a priority as much as the music. 

Read on for our favourite acts we saw at this year's M for Montreal.