Son of revered jazz icon Francis Bonny, Miles Bonny is today releasing his new Let It Out EP. The project was born out of Bonny's 'off the grid' lifestyle that has seen him eschew the modern world in favour of a back-to-basics life surrounded by nature and the bare essentials. This lifestyle, we're told, comes from Bonny's parents who, after raising Miles in NYC, upped sticks and moved to the New Mexico desert to build a home "made of straw bales, adobe, wood and the like." Since then, Miles Bonny has a mud and wood cabin powered by little more than three solar panels. 

The Let It Out EP was largely recorded in Bonny's cabin, with production coming from Australian producer Ta-Ku. The latter's contribution provides some hazy, laid-back hip-hop beats over which Bonny's deeply soulful voice croons and seduces with total charm. Downtempo though it may be, Bonny's thoughtful vocals and Ta-Ku's crisp beats come together with an uplifting message of positivity.

Miles explained to Complex via email: "We all go through hard times, but between these dope beats and supportive vocals vibes, I hope this social work music feels like positive support from afar."

Miles Bonny's Let It Out EP is out now on Bastard Jazz. Buy it here.