Though it now feels like eons ago, there was indeed a time in which Miguel was sliding into headlines with some less-than-flattering words about Frank Ocean. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Miguel said he's no longer the same dude whose ego got in the way of appreciating Ocean's work. Miguel also let loose a few more details surrounding the development of his forthcoming new album War and Leisure.

"Egos are a crazy thing," Miguel said, looking back on his Ocean comments. "The version of myself I was two, three, four years ago, even last week, is different to who I am today. That's not who I am. And I'm a big fan of his music and his creativity; we need more people out there doing that." Miguel added that he and Ocean simply want different things out of their careers. Asked to clarify that difference, Miguel continued: "I want it all," he said. "I want to reach the world."


Back in 2015, Miguel—whose Kaleidoscope Dream lost a Grammy to Ocean's Channel Orange in 2013—told the Sunday Times he felt he made better music. "I wouldn't say we were friends," he said at the time. "To be completely honest—and no disrespect to anyone—I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around." Miguel later clarified those comments, noting there was "no need" to compare "apples to oranges."

Thankfully, Miguel's new Guardian chat didn't focus solely on years-old Ocean comments. There's also a timely new album to promote. After his last album—2015's Wildheart—Miguel was feeling detached. "I lost touch with my emotions," Miguel, who wasn't satisfied with the album's global performance, said. "It was a down period. I was just … quiet. Real quiet. And also putting up a front, like I was OK with everything when I really wasn't."

Ultimately, Miguel broke out of this slump and used the experience as inspiration. "You see us on the brink of nuclear war over Twitter," he told the Guardian. "Or the rise of the far right in Germany and France. So my whole mindset for the album is: what are we supposed to do caught in the middle of this?" Good question.