Never underestimate the likelihood of a random Frank Ocean release. Though Monday didn't bring us new music, we were rewarded for our Ocean devotion with a collaborative i-D photo essay touching on the unrivaled beauty of the Los Angeles creative scene and the fascinating preposterousness of 2017. Naturally, Ocean's thoughts on the ridiculousness of this year also included his assessment of the recent Szechuan sauce mini-scandal.

"Re: the photos... as Karl Lagerfeld would say they 'came to me in a dream,'" Ocean said. "Summer two thousand and seventeen. We leaned into it. Bananaberry flavored candies at the bottom of the cup. I'll never know why or what's with campouts for Szechuan sauce at McDonalds. But I'm way into it. Issa Dreamworld. If you liked two thousand and seventeen then you'll love two thousand and eighteen."

The 32-page portfolio, shot by Ocean, gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Blonde singer's creativity-infused day-to-day activities. Photograph subjects include Ocean's tour orchestra, director Spike Jonze, and (of course) Ocean himself. Rita Zebdi handled styling, while Thomas Mastorakos was on creative direction duties.

Ocean's pensive essay also included his thoughts on how to make one's 30s sound appealing ("just mention 'sexual prime'") and his hesitance on giving his fans a corny nickname. For more, click here.

​​Back in August, Ocean treated us all with a new song. "Provider," fittingly, was released right in the middle of MTV Video Music Awards and Game of Thrones mania. Genius.