Prodigy may have been one half of a group whose primary form of music was violent and gritty, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a soft side. If you couldn't tell from all the tributes that have rolled in since his death, Prodigy was a beloved figure in the hip-hop community, both for his music and his impact on the people around him.

That holds true whether you're family or just a friend. In a post shared to the Instagram account of the late Prodigy, a message that appears to be from his daughter accompanied a home video of Prodigy, who is spotted casually biking down the street and clowning around.

"You have such a beautiful soul," the message reads, "[and] it saddens me that there is so many people who will never get the chance to meet, experience AND appreciate this side of you. I love you dad & you will forever be a blessing to this world and to my heart . Thank you ... we miss you."

It was a touching tribute in a weekend filled with salutes to the fallen rapper. His former partner in crime with Mobb Deep, Havoc, took the stage at the Art of Rap Festival in New Jersey, performing for the first time since Prodigy's death. Flanked by Big Noyd and Ice-T, Havoc performed "Give Up The Goods," and there's even video of the group's classic record "Shook Ones Pt. II" playing, as the crowd goes nuts with Prodigy's voice playing over the speakers.

The people around Prodigy are still clearly trying to deal with losing a beloved friend and family member, and the only comfort is that he got the most out of his life while he was still with them. You can catch a video of Havoc performing and saluting his comrade up top, courtesy of TMZ.