The love for fallen rapper Prodigy has poured in since he passed away, inspiring touching tributes from peers and younger participants in the rap game. But if you ask Master P, not all of the shout-outs for Prodigy have come from the right place, and he refuses to be quiet about it.

In a video captured outside of the 2017 BET Awards, Master P went on an extended rant calling out the network for not properly appreciating Prodigy while he was alive. While Master P claims he was invited to the awards show and showed up to support his daughter at the BET Experience event, he refused to take part in the awards ceremony out of frustration with how artists were treated prior to passing away.

"It’s a shame that none of these artists are told how great they are while they’re alive," he said in a caption alongside the video. "Why can’t they get their flowers and tokens of appreciation while they’re still living? I know the truth hurts. I just have one serious question…Was Prodigy or Mobb Deep on BET’s radar last week… were they invited to the red carpet event, offered guest passes or an invite to perform at the awards show in the last 10 years? I’m willing to bet the answer is NO."

During the rant, Master P named several artists by name who he felt had been looked over prior to their passing like Prince and Whitney Houston. Part of the frustration also seems to stem from a lack of support for his own work; P mentioned projects he had going on at the moment, and said they'll probably only blow up once he passes away.

He left room for forgiveness at the end of the caption accompanying his video, but he did not seem hesitant to let people know what he thought of the whole ordeal.

"Hopefully, one day we can start appreciating the talented sisters and brothers while they are still alive," he said. "I know that what I am saying may ruffle a few feathers but the truth needed to be heard."

The 2017 BET Awards featured a tribute to Prodigy from his former partner, Havoc, as well as rapper Lil' Kim. During the presentation of the Best Male Hip Hop Artist award, Kendrick Lamar reserved part of his speech for Prodigy, thanking him for inspiring his very first mixtape.

You can watch the full message from Master P up top.