Soulful Italian duo, MwS have been threatened with some majorly bad luck on the path to their latest release, "Cliché​" (out today). In possibly the cruelest example of bad timing, the duo booked their tickets to move to the UK on the very day we voted to leave the European Union. "The Brexit decision made us feel a bit uneasy about heading to the UK only at the beginning," the band explained. "We have a lot of faith in London, which we know is a very open city that somehow needs people from all over the world. We knew that this was the place for our music so we had to make it happen regardless." And that's exactly what they've done. "Cliché​" takes Italy's romanticism and allure with Britain's own soulful history to give us a delicate and sincere exercise in songwriting that nods to everyone from Serge Gainsbourg to J Dilla.