A strong, dubby sensibility courses its way through the latest drop from CLAAP! and Santana. The fruitful partnership between the two producers has this week produced the Dune EP, featuring our personal favourite "Summertime". Not since Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince has the word 'summertime' been so applicable to a track. It's deep, hazy, and at its heart is a huge, head-bobbing groove.

"Summertime is a French summer love song with a Jamaican vibe, where congas and other acoustic instruments rhyme with analogue synths," CLAAP! tells Complex. "The perfect cocktail for a naughty nap on the beach." The rest of the EP, due today via Yuksek's very dependable Party Fine label, keeps coming with that pool party heat and, with remixes from High Ceilings and Yuksek himself, there's no shortage of bangers to soundtrack your barbecue.