Even if you aren't a fan of the new school, cartoonish bubblegum trap championed by such artists as Lil Yachty, it's hard not to crack a smile while listening to Curtis Waters' take on the genre, his latest single "My Ex Girlfriend Turned Into The Moon."

A sampling of the lyrics demonstrates how innocent teenage love really feels, and has us wishing we had a time machine to go back to when things were so simple: "I think you're cute / And I like you for who you are / Like your ugly braces and your little scars / Big ass and stretch marks / I just wanna hang with you / I would love you even if you looked like Crash Bandicoot." You're not going to find any thought-provoking social commentary here, but hip-hop is supposed to be fun sometimes too, still, right?

Curtis Waters can make songs about such a love because the young Calgary artist is still a teenager himself. He's had some pretty extensive production experience for his young age (just 17), having collaborated with fellow Calgarians Harm Franklin and Fuji Frank, as well as other up and comers from New York and London. This is the first track which he performs vocals in addition to producing, mixing and mastering the track himself as well. 

Stream the track above and stay tuned for more from Curtis Waters.