Future’s Nobody Safe Tour made a stop at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Friday night. And while the show seemed to go off without a hitch, there were reports of gunfire at the concert just minutes after Future finished his set:

According to some of those in attendance at the show, it led to a stampede as concertgoers rushed towards the arena exits:

You can see how quickly people were leaving Barclays Center in this clip:

But a short time after the initial reports about gunfire inside the Barclays Center surfaced, the Barclays Center’s official Twitter account issued a brief statement and said that no gunshots were fired in the arena. Rather, it seems some of the equipment used to set up the stage for the show generated a loud sound as it was being taken down, which caused some people to panic.

An NYPD official confirmed that there were "no gunshots documented" when Complex reached out for comment on the situation on Friday night. And early Saturday morning, another NYPD official issued a longer statement to Vibe concerning what took place following Future’s set. NYPD Lieutenant Tarik Sheppard said it was the combination of a song playing over the PA system inside the Barclays Center and the sound the stage made that led some people to panic. He also downplayed the reports about a stampede taking place and said no major injuries were reported after the show.

"The concert ended around 11 p.m.," Lt. Sheppard told Vibe. "As people were exiting the Barclays Center, there was music playing over the PA system. The song that was playing had the sound of gunshots at the end. In addition, the stage was lowered and it came down faster than normal causing a loud metal on metal crashing sound. These sounds coupled together startled some people and they began to exit quicker than normal. There was no stampede and no injuries due to anyone getting trampled. There were a couple of reported minor injuries where people sprained or twisted their ankles while they were trying to quickly exit."

Future did not address any of this after the show, but he did send out a tweet thanking those in attendance for providing a positive response to his music during the concert:

The Nobody’s Safe Tour is set to resume on Saturday night at the Xfinity Theater in Hartford, Connecticut.

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