Lil Yachty joins Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks as our very first guest on Everyday Struggle, and this episode may be our most explosive yet with Yachty and Budden going head-to-head to iron out their issues.

Quick backstory: Budden previously questioned Yachty's credibility as a hip-hop artist, which not only received a response from Lil Boat, but his father as well

And that brings us to today's episode. 12 hours removed from stealing the spotlight at the Met Gala red carpet, Lil Yachty attempts to share his side of the story, but Budden comes out firing.

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— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) May 2, 2017

Yachty talks about the inspiration behind the album cover for his debut album Teenage Emotions, which was the source of Budden's ire when he went at the young rapper a few episodes ago. 

They also discuss Yachty's comments from last year when the Atlanta representative said the Notorious B.I.G. was overrated. He takes the time here to explain it was mistake to say that and he wishes he didn't say it in the first place.

Budden makes it clear he wants Yachty to appreciate hip-hop culture and its history, which leads to more back-and-forth over what it means to be fully invested in it. Yachty also shares his feelings on the new generation of rappers and where he fits in. "I'm the outcast of the hip-hop game," he says.

Later, Budden and Akademiks critique Wale and his new album Shine, as well as invite him on to the show. Watch the full video above.