It's May in a few days which means summer is finally, actually just about around the corner (we mean it this time, guys). The days are getting longer and the sun is feeling warmer, and Shagabond just dropped the perfect single to help you into the summer state of mind.

"Citrus Shampoo" is the HW&W Recordings artist's first drop under the independent label to which he recently signed, joining the likes of Kaytranada, Pomo and STWO, among others. The track is also the first single from Shagabond's upcoming EP—the title of which remains a mystery for now—which will be supported by at least one more single before dropping sometime in the coming months. 

Shagabond is barely out of his teens but he's been making noise for a number of years now with high profile collaborations with Bondax, Goldlink and DUCKWRTH already under his belt. Signing to HW&W represents a big step in the right direction for the young talent. 

As for "Citrus Shampoo," the song's title began as somewhat of a half-joke when Shaga used the random moniker as the name of the working file when he began making the track in Ableton, but the more he thought on it the more he thought it accurately described the tune he was crafting: fresh, bright, bubbly, a little tangy and a lot sweet. Hit the Spotify stream below and add to your summer playlists now. 

Lead photo by Photo by Michael Wagenknecht