It looks like we have another ASAP Mob project on the way.

Tonight, the crew’s de facto leaders ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg released a new single called “Wrong,” in which they rap about their misdeeds and guilt.

“Father please forgive us, couldn't sell the difference and it's on me/I don't need to seek attention just to keep these women on me,” Rocky raps. “I know it's wrong/I know it's wrong.”

Ferg’s confessions are more specific, as he addresses his infidelity and the effect its had on his relationship.

“Fuckin' on that bitch and I know it's wrong/Wifey walked in and she found that thong/She talk to my dick like an intercom/Then smoke that dick up like it's a bong/I ain't gonna lie, this the realest song,” Ferg admits. “[…] Shouldn't have never been with them other broads/And now I left my girl with another scar/Sometimes I take advantage just 'cause I'm a star/I know it's wrong so I'm on my knees praying to God.”

Flacko previewed the track all the way back in January, hinting that the sequel to Cozy Tapes: Vol. 1 was just around the corner.

Ferg also shared the cover art for “Wrong” on Instagram with the hashtag #cozytapes2. This, of course, has led many fans to believe the track will appear on the highly anticipated mixtape, which was reportedly near completion several months ago.

“We’re coming out with Cozy Tapes 2—Too Cozy,” Ferg told Complex in February. “That’s done. It’s getting mixed right now.”

While we wait for more information about the new Mob project, you can listen to “Wrong” on Apple Music or purchase it today on iTunes. You can also stream it below via Spotify.