There's two types of people in this world: people who ironically rock T-shirts from metal bands, and those who actually f*cks with the metal band whose T-shirt they are rocking. We're not sure which group Kanye West fits into, but we have a feeling it's hard for people to imagine him getting his More Life "Glow" on while donning a long-sleeved Cradle of Filth shirt.

During a recent night out in L.A., Kanye was seen rocking the above Cradle of Filth tee, prompting the band to post the photo on their Facebook with the following caption: "Kanye West. Cradle of Filth fan. Fortunately not a collaborator."

There's so little there, but it raises many questions. Do they feel Kanye's just ironically rocking their tee, or is Kanye actually a fan of the band? And while I couldn't see a Pablo-era Kanye turning up with Cradle of Filth, I wouldn't be surprised if he used their material as inspiration for a more Yeezus​-esque wall of sound. Also, would a Kanye/Cradle of Filth collab be that bad?

Maybe I should stop before I get ahead of myself. Either way, Kanye might've low-key given Cradle of Filth more pub from certain outlets (present company included) than they've ever received before. Wins all around.