Nicki Minaj's Los Angeles mansion was hit with a $200,000 burglary this week and sources close to the investigation told TMZ the damage suggests the break-in was "personal." The residence was reportedly left "totally trashed" by the suspects, who have not been identified. Minaj was out of town at the time of the burglary.

Law enforcement sources said the suspects wrecked furniture and other items in the house, with their patterns hinting they were looking for something specific. Ultimately, they were able to escape with "a ton of jewelry and other property." Authorities reportedly discovered signs of forced entry and the vandalization of picture frames, perfume bottles, and Minaj's wardrobe. Police are now seeking to acquire surveillance footage in an effort to identify the suspects.

Minaj made headlines earlier this week after rocking Instagram with a captionless photo of an apparent Drake reunion:

That photo, which quickly inspired a wave of Meek Mill slander, was followed within minutes by some context in the form of another Instagram post:

According to a separate TMZ report, the photos stem from a meeting called by Young Money president Mack Maine following a phone chat with Drake. After seeing Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj on an NFL Network segment last month, Drake reportedly dialed up Maine "immediately" and put the wheels in motion for a big Young Money "peace summit" in Miami.