Meek Mill continues to face questions about his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Word of the end of Meek and Nicki’s highly publicized union came during the first week of 2017, when Nicki confirmed she was single via Twitter. After Nicki’s Los Angeles mansion was burglarized earlier this week, a TMZ report calling the robbery personal sparked rumors of Meek Mill’s possible involvement. When members from the celebrity gossip site questioned Meek about the rumors, he gave a quick response.


#CatchTheTea Meek Mill says he has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj burglary #meekmill #nickiminaj

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“Do it look like I rob people?” Meek asked the questioning paparazzo, while showcasing his diamond encrusted chains and watch. “I got about 450 on my neck and about 80 on the wrist. Do it look like I rob people?”

It should be noted that TMZ's original report about the robbery at Nicki’s mansion never directly mentioned Meek Mill by name. The story cited an unnamed source noting the damage appeared to be “personal,” given that certain items were vandalized. The target of the burglary was apparently $200,000 worth of jewelry, but Meek’s reply gave an indication he isn’t lacking in that department. With Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake racking up Instagram views with their reunion photo, the paparazzo changed the topic to a possible reconciliation between Meek and Nicki. Meek didn’t seem particularly amused by the line of questioning.

“You asking too many fucking questions about my personal life,” Meek shot back.

You can read the full report at TMZ.