Drake's More Life playlist was supposed to drop all the way back in December, but after a few delays, it's still not out. While Drizzy is currently on tour in Europe, it looks like he's still hard at work finishing up the project. "I'm excited because I'm about like a week and a half, two weeks away from finishing this project I'm working on called More Life," Drake said during a show in Leeds on Thursday night.

Previously, Drake revealed that the project would be out before he made a return trip to Amsterdam, which comes later this month. So it appears that everything is still on schedule with the playlist, though not a whole lot about the actual music is known yet. 

In other news, Drake shared a photo of himself meeting former President Barack Obama in the White House on Thursday. "We miss ya g," Drake wrote in the caption on Instagram. That seems to be a widely held feeling right about now. Though Drake didn't reveal exactly when he met with Obama, it is cool to see him in the White House. 

You can check out the video of Drake talking about the More Life release date below.