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Count 50 Cent among those who don’t approve of Sean Kingston going public with his allegations of being jumped by Migos. On Feb. 22, a CBS affiliate ran an exclusive interview with Kingston, where the singer talked openly about a confrontation with Migos.

“As soon as I went outside, there was no talking,” Kingston told Mauricio Marin of KLAS. “They just started jumping on me and throwing punches. I didn’t have a chance to put my set up.”

Kingston’s decision to go into detail while his friend, Moses “Bo-Jack” Johnson, is reportedly facing felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon stemming from the incident wasn’t lost on 50 Cent. Johnson is believed to have fired a gunshot in the air to quell the standoff between Migos and Kingston.

“He held the situation down,” Kingston explained. “He wasn’t trying to hurt nobody. He wasn’t trying to do anything.”

“My God, what kind of rat shit is this?” the Queens MC quipped via Instagram.

Kingston said he believes the relationship with Migos soured when he appeared in a video with Soulja Boy and made comments about the hit-making Atlanta trio.

Given 50’s past issues with Game and Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff—both of which had legal ramifications—one could understand him not approving of giving detailed statements to a media outlet with a potential felony charge hanging in the balance.

It would seem 50 hasn’t lost his penchant for candid commentary.