Jhené Aiko dropped in on The Breakfast Club studio to discuss her new single "Maniac" Monday and, sadly, was once again tasked with refuting rumors related to her recent divorce from Dot Da Genius. In addition to this latest divorce clarity and a lively chat about infidelity at large, Aiko squeezed in some insight regarding her ongoing Twenty88 collaboration with Big Sean.​

"Sean wrote most of those songs," Aiko said of the first Twenty88 album. "It's really hard for me to, like, work with another writer, because I'll just be like 'Either you can just write the song,' or I'll be like, ‘'That's not something that I feel like I connect to.' But I really trusted his songwriting. He wrote a lot from my perspective.​"

On the topic of infidelity, Aiko revealed she's "never been in a situation" centered around mutual cheating. "I've never dated someone that was cheating, and I was cheating," Aiko said. "That's never happened." But the concept itself, Aiko explained, would only be possible with the assistance of two helpful habits: communication and honesty. "As long as you're communicating with each other, then you just have to respect that and respect your honesty," she said.

And finally: those damn Dot Da Genius rumors. When Charlamagne Tha God brought up rumors of Aiko and Sean's alleged relationship inspiring the end of her marriage to Dot Da Genius, she shut that shit down. "No, I wasn't, no," Aiko said. "Don't believe… you of all people should know. You know?"

Aiko previously addressed the rumors on Twitter, declaring any whisperings of infidelity on her part as "invalid and inaccurate" when someone tagged her in an accusation back in August:

Peep the full Breakfast Club interview above and revisit "Maniac" right here.