Yo Gotti gets his team together to thank them for all their work in completing White Friday aka CM9 in the final episode of his Behind the Nine documentary.

"To me, this shit about who you doing business with and how you doing business," Yo Gotti tells the camera as he talks about working with L.A. Reid and Jay ZCM9 marked Gotti's first project since signing to Jay's Roc Nation management.

The rest of the episode shows the rapper gathering with his team in the living room to discuss the project's intro and make sure the album is in order. "We just making Cocaine Muzik an album," he tells the guys. "We still gotta keep the same feel.

The whole thing ends with Yo Gotti's CMG team sitting down to dinner to celebrate White Friday being complete days before it was announced. "We done this shit. Nine days. Got this shit done. Completed. Y'all n*ggas really help me put this shit together, man. I fuck with y'all man." It all makes for a great way to cap the doc off.

Sadly, Yo Gotti lost his longtime friend and manager, Mel Carter, days before the project was finished. The rapper took to Instagram to remember his friend and thank him for all that he had helped him with in his career. "u Helped Me! You Dedicated Ur Life To My Vision, To My DREAM," he wrote. "You Kept Tellin Me We Gotta Put #CM9 Out This Yr....ok #RestUpMel."

Watch the final episode of Behind the Nine above and check out White Friday out now.