Top Dawg Entertainment’s Terrence "Punch" Henderson isn’t content with staying behind the scenes. In addition to serving as the label’s co-president, Punch has also flexed his musical skills with the release of his own singles, as well as appearing on tracks by everyone from Kendrick Lamar to BJ the Chicago Kid to Black Hippy. And it appears he isn’t about to shelve his love for rapping anytime soon.

On Sunday, Punch surprised fans with the release of “Gold,” a slow-burning track in which he reflects on his life’s path.

“All my life, I been told everything that glitters ain't gold/Now that I've arrived, I see these truths unfold before my eyes in a world so cold,” he raps. “Compulsive dreamer, pessimistic overthinker/Never indulging reefer, seldom Hennesy drinker/Wear my heart on my sleeve with a poker player's demeanor/Balanced emotion, you rarely know what I'm thinking//This is a special dedication, dedicated to streets that I was raised in.”

Back in March, Punch told Billboard he had plans to release his debut album in the near future, explaining he was in the process of “fine-tuning” the work. We haven’t heard much about the album since then, but it sounds like he has plenty of material to work with.

You can listen to “Gold” below.