Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and Gucci Mane were recently spotted filming their video for "Buy Back the Block" and today it's finally here.

It opens up on Rick Ross and Gucci Mane washing a car as they try to devise a plan to grab more cash. It isn't long before their boss comes over and starts laying into them about their lack of washing and the money that they owe for rent. Neither rapper are down to take his crap and Rozay goes to take the money right out of his pocket before making it rain. The pair soon decide their only option is to "Buy Back the Block" and raise up the community on their own.

That's when the Ryan Snyder-directed video really picks up as we meet up with all three rappers and Chainz immediately starts spitting his opening verse. The rest of the visual intercuts between shots of our heroes and images of the local neighborhood as the trio bring everyone together.

Rozay recently got everyone excited by announcing his new album, Rather You Than Me, at the AMAs. The Maybach Music Group's Twitter later confirmed that the rapper's new album will drop in early 2017 and the new video brings us one step closer to that release. It's a big moment considering the project will mark Rozay's first album that he'll be dropping through Epic Records after signing to the label earlier this year. Before that, Rick Ross spent 10 years at Def Jam. Watch "Buy Back the Block" above.