Divine Council, the rap crew consisting of Silkmoney, Icytwat, Cyrax, and Lord Linco, have a huge co-sign in the legendary André 3000 and are taking full advantage of it. Backed by L.A. Reid and Epic, not only did they get 3 Stacks on the remix to "Decemba," they also got him to direct the video himself.

The new video shows Silkmoney escaping from prison with the help of his cop girlfriend, played by GHE20G0TH1K mastermind Venus X, and the other three members of Divine Council. They make their getaway while hot boxing to their hideout until the cops raid the spot and kill everybody.

We asked some of the guys what it's like to have someone like Stacks in their corner, and this is what they had to say:

SilkMoney: Man, having Andre involved was a dream come true. The whole experience of working with him side by side on something so amazing is deadass hard to fathom. Truly appreciate to have a mentor like him and truly appreciative in his belief in us.

Cyrax: Having Andre involved is so cool, he's really our mentor. He really gets what we trying to do and sees the vision we see.

Icytwat: To be working with a legend like Andre is crazy as hell to me. The video was cool as hell to be in, it was like a movie. Seeing Andre in that director mode and having to be in actor mode was so tight. Definitely a new experience.

If you look close enough, you'll peep André in the video wearing a couple disguises and a subtle message about police brutality at the end. From here on out it's #CouncilSeason.