Young Thug and 21 Savage are on their HIHORSE'd Tour and added up-and-coming act Divine Council to selected dates. To celebrate this great look, Council Gang unleash a new song to give their fans (as they told us via email) "strictly some moshpit, getcho head buss type shit" when they hit the stage. If you've been following them, you're aware of their Silk Money vs. Cyrax series of songs they've posted on SoundCloud, and "Council Shit" will not disappoint.

Silk comes through with a dastardly, machine gun flow that's slowly making him into a star and Cyrax hops on for the last verse to talk his shit. But the unsung hero of most Council tracks is Icytwat​ and his smooth, yet hectic production. The bounce is undeniable. "I wanted to make something that just sounded crazy as fuck and weird, that's why I use so many wild sounds on it," Icytwat​ told us over email.

The kids that show up to their dates will certainly mosh to this shit. Be sure to check Divine Council on tour and bring them weed. Maybe they'll bring out a guy they call 3 Stacks. The Council got next.