"I hold that bitch up, like Simba," $ilk Money spits repeatedly over ICYTWAT's smooth yet bouncy production on the OG version of "Decemba." Both are down with the Divine Council collective along with Cyrax and Lord Linco, and these young boys are creating a wave that'll only be getting bigger with this André 3000 feature.

Not only did 3 Stacks hop on this remix, he also helped them get signed to Epic and was probably put onto the Council by Erykah Badu who gave the crew a co-sign back in 2015. $ilk Money has the flow of a new age 8Ball while the Chicago producer provides futuristic Suave House sounds. $ilk, ICY, Cyrax, and Linco will be mentioned with some of rap's top crews soon enough. But for now enjoy this wave before it hits the shore and destroys everything in site. Also check out standouts like "FPS Russia," "Jodeci parts 1 & 2," and "The Fine Household" if you need some convincing after hearing this remix. Stream it below on Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.