Rocking Saturday Night Live with Francis and the Lights is one thing, but scoring the Jeopardy! endorsement? That's a totally different level of success. Chance the Rapper finally had the honor this week, and Twitter promptly erupted with glee at the sight of a Coloring Book-themed question and answer (or is that answer and question?) on the latest episode of the classic Alex Trebek-helmed game show:

"In 2016, this disciple of Kanye West released his Coloring Book mixtape," Trebek said while presumably holding back the urge to erupt into a "No Problem" verse. Thankfully, a music-minded contestant provided the correct answer with zero hesitation:

As we've all learned at this point in our digital lives, now is the part where we dig around for stoked Twitter responses to this major event:

*waits patiently for inevitable Trebek x Chance collab*