For his latest appearance on Saturday Night Live, Chance the Rapper gave the expected musical performance and flexed a bit of comedic and acting chops. In addition to appearing in the “Jingle Barack” sketch clearly inspired by Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis,” Chance guested in a riff on low-level community theater.

The fictional syndicated magazine New York Now reprised a community production of Silent Night, Hilarious Night highlighted by terrible puns and advertised as a “Christmas nativity pageant with a broad, comedic take on the birth of Christ.” Kate McKinnon, Casey Affleck, and Cecily Strong did the heavy lifting, dropping intentionally bad jokes about the birth of Jesus. 

Chance, played the role of Isaac, who was coincidentally married to one of the show's creators, and there was a not-so-subtle nod to ’​90s Hip-Hop. As Chance donned the low-budget version of the Three Biblical Magi with two mannequins attached to him, he delivered his lines over Hammer's Rick James-powered “Can’t Touch This” complete with the Oakland rapper's trademark dance.

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