2016 was especially good for Taylor Swift’s bank account.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the 26-year-old had racked in $170 million within the past 12 months, which put her at the No. 1 spot on Forbes’ Highest-Paid Women in Music list. It’s not too surprising, considering she also topped the publication's Highest-Paid Celebrities list back in July.

Forbes reports that the bulk of her earnings came from her insanely successful 1989 tour, which pulled in over $200 million during its North American leg. On top of that, Swift was able to move more than 3 million album equivalents during the list’s designated timeframe, which measured incomes from June 1, 2015, to June 1, 2016. And we can’t forget about her slew of endorsement deals with big-name companies like Apple, CoverGirl, and Diet Coke.

Swift, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut album last week, is also the youngest artist in the list’s top 10. Adele came in at No. 2 with $80 million, which—for those who aren’t good at simple math—isn’t even half of what Swift took home. Madonna took the No. 3 spot with $76.5 million; Rihanna at No. 4 with $75 million—thanks in large part to touring and deals with Puma, Samsung, and Dior; Beyoncé rounded off the top 5 with $54 million; however, it should be noted that a good chunk of her Formation World Tour earnings were not included in this year’s measurements, so we can expect Bey to rise on the 2017 list.

Katy Perry, who was at the No. 1 spot last year, placed at No. 6 with $41 million; she was followed by Jennifer Lopez with $39.5 million; Britney Spears at No. 8 with $30.5 million; Shania Twain nabbed the No. 9 spot, earning $27.5 million; and Celine Dion closed out the top 10 with $27 million.