A few months ago, Emma Lokai released the incredibly somber, "Too Hard to Lose". Armed with Adele-esque chord structure, the song was augmented by a crawling and ethereal drum pattern, reminiscent of Massive Attack. It was a classic ballad, yet it was infused with enough originality that it commanded attention. Upon first listen, we understood that Lokai could craft completely mature and impressively powerful music. After standing out earlier in her career by performing covers, the talented vocalist transitioned seamlessly into an original artist, channeling her own heartbreak. While she retreated after the release of "Too Hard to Lose", the track successfully introduced us to the exciting new artist.

Today, we are getting our second dose of new music from Emma. "Alive" is the latest track from the Mississauga singer, and thankfully, it exists in the same realm as her previous effort. The song is built on the strength of Lokai's floating, velvet voice, as it journeys through four minutes of wistful piano and ghostly synths. Speaking with Complex CA, the crooner says that "Alive" comes from an unexplored new feeling. "This song is about someone who unleashed a feeling in me I had never felt before. I had given my whole heart and my whole mind to that person and I let it all consume me, really. I didn’t care about expectations or preconceived notions. I found love. I felt Alive".

You can listen to the premiere of "Alive" below, via SoundCloud.