It seems one mom was hoping to jump on the computer to do a little Christmas shopping online when she happened to stumble upon her 8th grade son's Spotify playlist.


"I'm gonna cry," the mom declares at one point. "Wowzer," she says at another point, looking even more startled as she desperately asks her daughter, "Do you know all these songs, Liv?"

Things only escalate from there as she goes deeper into the list "So this is what he's listening to when he's staying in his room and listening to his music for a whole night." The greatest moment might be seeing the mom's reaction to Kanye West's "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" as it seems like the "bleached asshole" lyric kind of takes her a moment to process.

Of course, things take a turn when the mom decides to confront her son in his room. Thankfully, Liv was there to catch the hysterical conversation go down. "This is affecting your brain. It's freaking turning you into a psychotic person. Do you enjoy listening to the shit they're talking about?"

Naturally, the video went viral and has turned into the latest meme to explode on the internet.