In 2013, rapper Riff Raff was gearing up to take legal action against writer and director Harmony Korine after the Houston rapper believed Korine based the character Alien from the 2012 film Spring Breakers on him. Riff Raff also targeted James Franco, who played Alien, and shared plans of suing Korine for millions with both TMZ and MTV Hive. Things peaked with Riff Raff portraying a character named Jamie Franko on the ABC soap opera One Life To Live in an episode airing in May of 2013. The feud is apparently over, as Franco appeared in the official video for Riff Raff’s “Only in America.”

The visual features Franco in full Riff Raff mode with a grill, a multi-colored wig, and various tattoos. Franco and an assortment of models featured showcase the American flag as well as flag-themed clothing. The clip also includes the curious choice of a faux-Snapchat clip quoting Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

“It’s the white Don King/J pinky ring/When I was 17, copped the Chrysler Sebring/Never had a older brother, always had to guard me/Versace sheets when I sleep next to AR-15s,” Riff Raff rapped, as Franco lip synced the lyrics.

Franco tweeted the clip was a “F’ed up video for F’ed up times,” after it was officially released via Riff Raff’s YouTube channel. Riff Raff has not tweeted in support of the video, but he fired off a series of tweets ranging on everything from LeBron James’ hairline to “cuffing season.”

The single “Only in America,” which is featured on Riff Raff’s Peach Panther, is available for purchase via iTunes.