Snoop Dogg is an accomplished rapper, host of his own show on the Double G News Network, and the creator of his own encyclopedia for cannabis called Merry Jane. Now, Snoop might have a legit shot as a painter.

Martha Stewart, his partner for their upcoming dinner party show on VH1, tweeted a picture on Friday of a special gift she received from the Long Beach rapper. It was a painting of a dog—maybe a pitbull—that’s looking at us with the sad eyes. It’s adorable.

“This is an original Snoop Dogg painting, and Snoop gave it to me as a gift!” she wrote. “Very nice, don’t you think?”

If you think this is an unlikely friendship, they actually make a great pair. In the past, they’ve baked brownies, made mashed potatoes, and participated in the Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber. So, yeah, let’s start brainstorming their joined celebrity name, shall we?

Marthaoop… Doggartha…Snoopy Stewart. This could take a while.

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