Tonight we finally got to see Justin Bieber's Comedy Central roast that Hannibal Buress called an "extremely transparent attempt" to make the 21-year-old singer "more likable in the public eye." While Buress' assessment wasn't wrong, we were still entertained by the show full of jokes at Bieber's expense. 

Roastmaster Kevin Hart opened up the show with his own monologue ripping the star of the night and the stage full of roasters. "Why don't we go and take a look at his huge success that confuses everyone over the age of 14," he said while introducing a video with clips of Bieber's career highlights and lowlights. When the video ended Hart was back dressed as a minister and leading a full processional of Beliebers to bring out the roastee. The Biebs came down from the ceiling wearing angel wings and was subsequently dropped on his ass to add a physical bruise to a night full of emotional ones.

From there the night full of jokes about lesbians, Martha Stewart's prison time, and (surreptitiously) ISIS was free to proceed. 

Here are some video highlights from the roasters and Bieber himself:

Pete Davidson


Natasha Leggero

Shaquille O'Neal

Chris D'Elia

Martha Stewart

Jeff Ross

Snoop Dogg

Hannibal Buress

Ron Burgundy

Justin Bieber