The Game and Meek Mill are beefing. Not everyone in hip-hop is willing to accept it though.

The Compton rapper drew first blood by calling Meek a snitch and threatened to beat him up. We later learned from TMZ that The Game had an issue with Meek allegedly naming him and his crew responsible for a jewelry robbery involving Sean Kingston at a club in Los Angeles. From there, The Game and Meek’s pettiness was shown in Instagram posts roasting each other, and third party members like Kingston and Lakers guard Nick Young felt the need to chime in.

Nipsey Hussle is the latest rapper to share his thoughts on the situation. Instead of choosing a side, Nip gives his friends some real talk, @-ing both of them on Twitter so they get the message. “Hip hop need to stop gassing this "beef" between @thegame and @MeekMill .... ni**as gone sit down like men and express they differences,” he wrote. .. Ain't gone be no east cost west coast war. Ain't gone be no black men killing black men.”

“If someone's in tha wrong then it should be handled....and then everyone get bac to the money @thegame @MeekMill,” he added. “This internet shit is a divide and conquer. @thegame u got a lot of young blac men on yo payroll. Same w @MeekMill this is bad leadership..”

The man has a point. Social media beefs really don’t end with an happily ever after. Meek clearly knows this from his ongoing issues with Drake. The Game should know this by now too; he’s literally beefed with Young Thug, Stitches, Lil Durk, and probably more we haven’t heard about yet. Maybe he should take Nipsey’s advice and dead this one like he did with his longtime rival 50 Cent and keep it moving.

Read Nipsey’s tweets below.