A day after The Game released his diss track “92 Bars,” Meek Mill has come forward with his response. And no, it wasn’t another song. It was a couple of Instagram posts that depict The Game in an unflattering light—and that’s putting it mildly.

On Saturday, Meek posted a video clip in which The Game is seen saying, “People don’t understand, and that’s why I don’t want to be a part of hip-hop no more […]” The clip was taken from a 2010 interview when The Game was asked about the fatal shooting of Sean Bell. Meek captioned the post with a lengthy rant, in which he accused the The Game of being a stripper before he was doing music.

But Meek wasn't finished. To really drive the stripper rumors home, he posted a Photoshopped image of The Game wearing nothing but a thong and gold chain. "I would hate for my son to see me like this!" Meek captioned the image. "IS THIS PHOTOSHOPPED LOL."

The Game wasn't about to let this go. Moments after the initial video went up, the rapper shared his own Photoshopped image. This time, it was one of Meek holding hands with Magic Johnson's son, E.J. Johnson. "Ain't been livin in LA but a month & already switch hittin...." he wrote in the caption. "Now I know what #DC stand for #DickChasers !!!!!!!!!!"

Followed by this one:

Meek responded with the following:

It looks like this beef is going to be dragged out.