In a new sit down with Real 92.3’s Big Boy in the Morning, 50 Cent made a startling reveal that he actually never even knew how his beef with The Game ever began or what they were fighting about.

"I always said I didn’t understand where it came from. He explained it to me," 50 said. "We're in the same place. We're cool. I haven’t wished bad on him the entire time." If you haven't been keeping up, 50 and the Game resolved their alleged feud when they recently chilled together, squashing whatever tension that may have existed before.

Earlier this month, the former enemies hit up the Ace of Diamonds strip club together in Los Angeles. TMZ caught up with them outside the club where they were chatting and not shy about telling the cameras that everything was all good between them now. "I fuck with 50," Game said at the time before taking a second to promote 50's vodka business. "What happened, that shit was 12 years ago. Niggas ain't on that shit. Drink your motherfucking Effen [vodka]."

The rest of us may remember that things started to go south for the rappers when Game didn't want to side with 50 and G-Unit in their many feuds back in the day. 50 was also featured on The Game’s major label debut, The Documentary, but Game was nowhere to be found on 50's The Massacre album, which dropped a few months later. After that, their relationship seemed to disintegrate. However, the pair were spotted in recent months hanging on the set of DJ Drama's "Wishin" and peacefully partying under the same roof, pretty much confirming that any previous resentment had melted away. Now, only time will tell if an official G-Unit reunion will ever go down.