This weekend, The Game’s son, Harlem Caron Taylor, celebrated his 13th birthday. Those of you who are true Game fans know that a young Harlem was featured on alternative covers of Doctor’s Advocate and L.A.X. Needless to say, he’s grown up a lot since then. Like a proud father, the Compton rapper rang in his son’s birthday with celebrity shout-outs from Puff Daddy, Kourtney Kardashian, Jaden Smith, Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyrese, and many more.


He ain't old enough for champagne just yet... But we can get that #Harmitzvah poppin for @hvrlemtaylor one tiiiiiime..... S/O to @champagnepapi for coming thru in the clutch for @hvrlemtaylor's 13th bday !!!!!! #RealNiggasDoRealTings #OvO #BloodMoney #Happy13thBdayHarlem #BdayShoutOutRequestsFulfilled #FeelsAmazingToBeAbleToDoThisForMySon #ProudDadMoment #WhenYouHaveEverythingInTheWorldAndAllUWantIsToPutASmileOnYoursSonsFace #WelpCheckThatOffTheList #iDoThisDaddyShit4Real #YouNiggasPlaying #DeadBeatsCantSitWithMe #DaddyGang #AndImTheLeader #FollowTheLeader #TheseKidsNeedUs #DuhNigggas #IfYouBustThatNutStepTheFuckUp #AndAsTheBdayShoutsComeToAnEnd #JustWannaSayThankYouToAllMyFansAndFollowersForPuttingUpWithIt #iLoveMySons #MyTrueFansKnow

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Major 🔑 alert for @hvrlemtaylor's bday lol #Harlems13thBday #WeTheBest

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One of those celebrities to give a shout out was Young Thug. This came as a pretty big surprise since the rapper has a long history of beefing with The Game. It initially started when Thugger and Lil Wayne were feuding, and The Game backed up Weezy because he’s a loyal friend. Their beef escalated when The Game said he'll "Fuck Young Thug up" if he had the opportunity during a show in New Orleans. They exchanged some words on Instagram, but ultimately JoJoCapone was responsible for getting them to make peace again.

Thugger and Game's beef reignited during a promotional interview for the rapper’s The Documentary 2 on The Breakfast Club. Thug felt disrespected by comments The Game and Charlamagne Tha God made, specifically on how The Game allegedly handled his beef with him in Atlanta. “I go on The Breakfast Club, being nosy, and I see this p***y ass ni**a Game capping to p***y ass ni**a Charlamagne like you want to smoke," he said in a now-deleted Instagram video. "You guys not about that action. I’m uploading a video. Fuck you p***y boy.” 

Towards the end of 2015, The Game continued throwing stray shots at Thugger for no real reason – one time during a performance of “Hate it Or Love It” and another time when he called him a “wack MC” on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

In February of this year, The Game picked up where he left off and threatened to beat up Thug. This was all because a commenter posted on his giant teddy bear photo from Dubai, saying, "You gonna need a Ted when The Thugger catch yo ass!” which he didn’t find funny at all.

A few weeks later, they didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye when Thug posted a photo of The Game’s daughter, Cali Dream, on Instagram and wrote that she was a cutie, specifically complimenting her on her eyes. When it comes to his family, The Game doesn’t take anything lightly and replied back: “Aye, you ain’t have to delete the post thug… I appreciate you for the compliment on @LittleMissCaliDream… In fact, you daughter cute too bruh – Sincerely, The Game,” he wrote. Then came a more direct message when he posted a photo of Thug’s daughter that served as a warning.

It's probably safe to assume after Thug's heartwarming shout-out to his son, they are above the pettiness and moving on as friends. You can watch Thug's message above.