UPDATE 9/26/16: It looks like the judge is siding with Lil Wayne on this one. A new report from TMZ claims the judge in Wayne and Birdman's lawsuit has ordered Birdman to detail how exactly the $100 million advance was spent. Birdman will have 30 days to get the receipts together for the missing $70 million of the $100 million advance that was to be split between the two, and he'll then have to turn the information over to the judge and Lil Wayne's legal team. According to the report, Birdman's record keeping of the money has been extremely shady thus far, and the 20,000 pages of documents he's turned over have been mostly useless. We'll have to see if this new order forces him to get things together and reveal the truth about where all the money went.

See below for original story published on 9/18/16.

The feud between Lil Wayne and his longtime mentor and Cash Money boss Birdman continues to fester. Lil Wayne has added another accusation of Birdman's greed to his long list of reasons why he wants to leave Cash Money—or at the very least clarifies why his business dealings with Birdman have him supposedly wanting to retire from rap altogether. 

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the Young Money honcho claims that Birdman took a reported $70 million of the label's $100 million advance handed to the pair by Universal Music Group's distribution deal, which they had agreed to share. Weezy stated that Birdman had admitted to taking the lump sum for "royalties, marketing, and recording expenses."

Wayne claims that Birdman had not fairly allocated the funds, and now he wants to open up the books in court to determine where that $70 million was spent, per his pending $51 million-lawsuit that he filed against Cash Money Records in January 2015.

Last week, Weezy gained an ally in Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince to back up his claims against Birdman. J. Prince claims that he will help and knows how to get back the money owed to Wayne by Birdman. Just days prior to J. Prince jumping onboard in Wayne's defense, Wayne declared that he will not allow Birdman to release his long-awaited The Carter V album on Cash Money.


The legal drama between Birdman and Lil Wayne seemed to briefly quell when both were reunited after it was reported that they had attempted to mend their ways and appeared together at Drake's New Year's Eve party in Miami back in December. Wayne has since publicly sent verbal jabs at Birdman, such as in May when he yelled "F*** the Birdman" at a show in Arizona. In June, Birdman denied any personal strife with Wayne in an interview on Los Angeles hip hop station 92.3 The Beat by Big Boy, saying, "It's not like we're enemies." And just last month, Lil Wayne dissed Cash Money onstage again at his Weezyana Festival in New Orleans.

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