Lil Wayne and Cash Money are still not on good terms, and he's not letting anybody forget about it. During his second annual Lil Weezyana Festival in New Orleans this weekend, Wayne was caught on camera yet again saying "Fuck Cash Money" during his set. "Before I get off this stage, I want to say three more important words: fuck Cash Money" Wayne said before launching into "No Worries."

The never-ending beef between Wayne and Birdman's label rages on, destroying a more-conciliatory time earlier this year when the pair tentatively agreed to bring their disagreements out of the public eye. That agreement fell apart as their private talks hit an impasse, and Wayne has been shouting "Fuck Cash Money" every chance he's had ever since. 

Although Wayne continues to disparage his label, Birdman has struck a much quieter tone about the whole issue. “I'ma heal that. He's still my son," Birdman recently said during his appearance on the Be Honest podcast. "I look at him as my son and I won't finish the game without Wayne. Even if he stay with me or go do whatever he want to do. I respect him as a son. I'ma fix it. Whatever happens after that, we gon' let it be." While Wayne was flipping the bird at him, Birdman was busy promoting his Big Tymers show in New Orleans this October.

Weezy might have been talking crap, but he did take a very important moment to shout out Black Lives Matter before making his way off stage. "We are black America," he told the crowd. "Clothes don't matter. Cars don't matter. Nothing else matters because Black lives matter!"

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