Nearly four months after a shooting at Irving Plaza left one dead and three severely injured, the venue has been slapped with another lawsuit. According to TMZ, two individuals who were at the plaza for a T.I. concert claim they sustained serious injuries during the shootout, although neither of them were shot. The suit says that venue failed to properly screen people who entered the building and essentially allowed the shooting to take place. It’s a lawsuit very similar to the one Troy Ave filed back in August, which also blamed lax security for the deadly incident.

"The security here did not pat down anyone who came in the back door," his lawyer said last month. "That's the problem here. The people who came in through the VIP entrance in the back were not checked by security... That's how the gun got in."

Troy Ave, whose bodyguard was killed in the shootout, was arrested and charged with attempted murder the day after the concert. Footage showed the rapper opening fire backstage, but he has maintained he was shooting in self-defense.

In the latest lawsuit, the plaintiffs said they "suffered physical injuries and mental anguish" after being trampled by the crowd heading for the exit. Both are suing the Irving Plaza and Live Nation for unspecified damages.

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