Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are clearly obsessed with each other, but they're also there to help each other out, including when one isn't exactly sure what something is.

In a clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kanye innocently asks his daughter, North, if the stick she is holding is a magic stick. "Babe, don't say that," Kim interjects. Kanye immediately apologizes, which is when Kim steps in to offer her husband some valuable insight on the NSFW meaning of magic stick.

50 Cent, who many will remember sang the hook on Lil Kim's very sexual hit single, "Magic Stick," saw the clip and couldn't resist re-posting the whole thing to his own Instagram. "This is classic, Kanye for president. LMAO HIPHOP is unbelievably strong," he captioned the post before plugging his partnership with Effen Vodka.

Many will remember Kanye and 50's very public rivalry during the mid '00s. The two haven't really been fully chill since, and some think his latest post is meant as a dig towards West since 50 definitely has a reputation for going after his rivals on social media and even dragged West recently while appearing on Conan. Others aren't taking it so seriously because it's pretty hard not to LOL along with Kim as she teachers Kanye about hip-hop lingo. To his credit, Kanye probably skipped "Magic Stick" whenever it came on the radio out of principle for the pair's beef, so we're going to let him slide on this one. Watch the hilarious clip above.