50 Cent was interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid yesterday on Shade 45. The conversation started with 50 fondly remembering the legacy of the recently deceased Nelson Mandela. He said that when he met Mandela, it felt like meeting a king.

When asked about Kanye West and his recent comments about the fashion industry and Nike, 50 said that he understood where Kanye was coming from, but was unsure about the effectiveness of the tactic. "I don't know how that helps," 50 said. He also offered some insight into why the fashion world has not fully embraced Kanye, comparing him to Lil Wayne and his forays into the skateboarding world. 50 said, "The people who do it, do it. They're passionate about it. And they're like, 'Wait, you're trying to look like us.' They don't want to embrace it at first."

50 was naturally asked about the plane flight he shared with Ja Rule, but all he said was, "There's nothing to talk about, man." He also shed more light on his upcoming project, Animal Ambition, which will be coming out in January.

[via XXL]

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