Fans might be eagerly awaiting new music from Earl Sweatshirt, but this probably isn't what they imagined him coming back with. Early Monday morning, Sweatshirt uploaded the song "Pelicula" to Apple Music without any warning or announcement afterwards. Although it's released under the Earl Sweatshirt name, it's a vocal-less beat that seems better suited to his randomblackdude producer pseudonym. 

Earl has been all but silent over the past year. He dropped the track "Wind in My Sails" back in January, but aside from that there hasn't been much music to speak of ever since he put out I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside in March 2015. He did make his debut as DJ Earl Fletcher in March of this year for a Boiler Room x Go Pro event, so it's not as if he's gone missing again, but he certainly hasn't been in the sharing mood much. That's what makes "Pelicula" so interesting. He's been known to drop music without warning before in the past, so it's certainly possible that "Pelicula" is the start of something new for him. On the other hand, it could be a red herring from Earl, or even a mistaken upload. It certainly wouldn't be the first time music services have accidentally posted an artist's music without their okay.

Clearly "Pelicula" is random and seems kind of inconsequential, but at this point Earl fans are going to have to take what they can get. You can stream Earl Sweatshirt's "Pelicula" below via Apple Music.