Earl Sweatshirt took a break from his normally reclusive approach to life last month and showed off his DJ skills at a Boiler Room x GoPro event that took place at Trash Talk's Babylon Skate Shop in Los Angeles. It was a momentous occasion, too, because it served as his DJ debut as Earl Fletcher. 

Footage of his set had previously been difficult to locate, but thanks to Boiler Room we now have the full hour-plus performance in GoPro form. Earl Fletcher runs through countless rap classics from Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and 2 Chainz, and also mixes it up with new school bangers. He even blends in some soulful cuts. You can see the packed room vibing to Earl's set, and the footage periodically switches to the skate bowl outside where people are showing off their tricks and also taking some major spills.

It's still relatively early in Earl's career as a DJ, but we wouldn't be surprised if he decides to take this show on the road. There will definitely be a demand for it. Check out his full DJ set above.