One of the best movements in the DJ/electronic music scene has been the magic that DJs Craze and Four Color Zack have been making together as . Over the last year and a half, they've unleashed two mixes full of social commentary and dope beats, along with an even more impressive live routine, reworking DJ Snake's "Propaganda." With each new release, they've highlighted their production chops, but Wednesday they've actually upped the ante, becoming the change they want to see via their new collaborative EP.

FCZ and Craze are no strangers to the boards; Craze's career as a producer dates back to the late '90s, and FCZ has a number of releases under his belt, including a pair of singles on Fool's Gold. On this four-tracker, though? There's a beautiful fusion of sounds going on. "Me & You" is an easy standout; the hypnotic vocal is cut to perfection over the bombastic bass-driven track, while "Don't Know How to Act" has a bit of a sinister swing to it. "Ducky" has a festival-ready melody just waiting to be unleashed on the masses, and "Siren Riddim" is a dancehall-influenced scorcher.

The life of a DJ is an exercise in "but what else can you do?" If you're known for your turntable skills, heads are waiting for you to make beats. The better of a producer you are, the more people will question your ability to mix and scratch. With 2¢, we're getting two dynamic individuals who are just as nice on the boards as they are on the decks. Catch up.

And if that isn't enough, 2¢ is going on tour this August. Australia, mark your calendars.