Released back in April as part of the iO​ EP, JD. Reid and D Double E's masterful "Rō​shi" blew everyone away with its warped eastern samples and sure-footed bars. Now, thankfully, they've brought the track to life with the above visuals. Mirroring the slightly degraded quality that JD. Reid has treated the lead melody with (a sample taken from a Koto-based compilation), the video flips from a slight blur to sharp focus with absolute precision. Dark and rich though the viuals may be, D Double's completely unique flow and Reid's expert sample choice balance it out perfectly. As Reid himself explains: "To me, it felt like the theme tune for some sort of Grandmaster or Sensei. When it came to thinking of who represented that kind of legacy, D Double E was the first person who came to mind." It couldn't be a more perfect pairing.

[via i-D]