This just keeps happening, and it doesn’t get any less weird/hilarious.

Have you ever wondered what life on the road is like for rappers? Thanks to the advent of social media, we now have better access than ever before to the lives of our favourite musicians, but honestly it seems kinda boring.

We’ve seen this happen before with T.I and Chingy, and the latest in line is Cormega, known for his gritty tracks alongside Nas, Mobb Deep, Large Pro and more. The Queensbridge legend has been enjoying a relaxing trip around Australia, and his Instagram account is offering us a side of Mega we never thought we’d see. Like Chingy and Tip before him, Mega’s an older guy now, more interested in sunsets and architecture than getting turnt in the club.

Scrolling through his Instagram feed, you'll find the usual posts promoting upcoming shows, but there’s also stuff like this, with Mega cautiously asking his followers for help in identifying a potentially dangerous custard apple.