Ever made a joke at Chingy’s expense? Surely at some time in the last 13 years, you’ve joked about him being a one-hit wonder. Or about his voice. Or about him being kicked out of DTP, or something similar.

Shut your mouth for a few minutes though, cos Chingy just had the last laugh on all of us. 

Somehow some way, and despite not having a top-20 single in Australia since 2004, Chingy has defied the odds and performed over ten shows across Australia and New Zealand. In 2016.

The whole tour defies explanation. With minimal promotion, and again with no hits in this country for 12 years, Chingy somehow channeled the ‘unusually big in Australia’ powers of Pink to pull off a month-long tour in a market not known as a hip-hop hotspot. 

The tour took Chingy from cities (such as the HIT FM-sponsored, invite-only corporate show in Melbourne) to regional centres, including what must have been the biggest-ever hip-hop show in Alice Springs. The suburbs got a look too, as Chingy played the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren, famous for being the home of TV series Kath & Kim

Chingy documented the tour via his social media channels. Unfortunately he didn't hit the tourist spots the way T.I did, but instead offered up riveting footage of his hotel rooms, fake crowds, and a reptile park.